Details      Arts and crafts have always been a big passion for me whether it’s been oil and water painting or sculpture , I’ve spend a lot of time in the west coast and islands of Scotland and that’s where my inspiration comes from . After collecting some small pieces a few years ago the driftwood dolphin and butterfly were born. After this I started taking on larger projects like the coffee tables , console tables then dining tables ,

I have built an extensive range of unique designs like my driftwood mirrors , clocks , hearts etc,

Ive had many different commissions across the uk and always looking to extend my designs further.

How do we make it?

Details     All my driftwood is cleaned thoroughly by leaving it in a light bleach mixture for up to one week depending on the wood colouring for particular projects , it’s then washed again and left to dry out , this can take up to 4 months depending on the types of wood , then it’s all sanded and cut to size depending on the piece I’m making , usually I varnish with a clear lacquer or can be finished with any varnish shade  to suit customer ,